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Adcero FR Nylon Filament

Adcero FR Nylon Filament


Adcero nylon  filaments are manufactured in the USA using proprietary resins with improved strength and flame retardancy:

    Weight 1 kg
    Diameter                                         1.77 mm
    Nominal length                       490 ft
    Tensile stress - 3D printed       11,000 PSI
    Ultimate elongation - 3D printed 34%
UL Flammability
    UL94                                                 V2
    Printing temperature 250C - 255C
    Melting Temperature 210C
    Tg Glass Transition 93C
    Pyrolysis - Thermal degredation 351C
    Print-Bed temperature  30C - 65C
    Ambient temperature 30C - 100C