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Adcero FR Nylon Bulk Resin

Adcero FR Nylon Bulk Resin


Adcero nylon bulk resins offer improved strength and flame retardancy.  They are manufactured in the USA. View full specs here

    Weight 1 kg
    Diameter                                         1.77 mm
    Nominal length                       490 ft.
    Tensile stress - 3D printed       11,000 PSI
    Ultimate elongation - 3D printed 34%
UL Flammability
    UL94                                                 V2
    Printing temperature 250C - 255C
    Melting Temperature 210C
    Tg Glass Transition 93C
    Pyrolysis - Thermal degradation 351C
    Print-Bed temperature  30C - 65C
    Ambient temperature 30C - 100C